Tuesday, 17 August 2021

5 reasons to Advertise in the Telescope Magazine


    The Telescope Magazine enjoys City-wide readership in Cape Town. Because of our church regions in the city, the Telescope Magazine finds its way into households across the different metropolitan areas of greater Cape Town.

    The Telescope Magazine has a longer shelf-life than most periodicals. Our quarterly publication is now in its third year of print. It becomes a collectable item that will adorn your favourite coffee table for much longer!        

             By advertising in the Telescope Magazine, you are aligning your business with a righteous cause. The magazine promotes the kingdom of God and all its values through specially prepared articles that equip and promote Christ.

        The digital footprint of the Telescope Magazine opens up a global online market of like-minded believers who share your values and support businesses that fulfil the great commission to go and make disciples of all nations.

        The price for your advert comes at a reasonable and competitive rate, and helps us to continue to publish the good news on a quarterly basis, spreading reformation wherever it is read.

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Apostle Aje Pelser

Editor, Telescope Magazine

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

5 Lessons I learnt from an Artist to Navigate through Chaos


By Aje Pelser


Marc Chagall lived through two world wars, survived persecution as a Jew, was exiled and experienced the Bolshevik revolution with his wife and daughter.

While meditating on the visions I have seen of angels ministering to people in our church, I wondered how to visually capture the images. I was drawn to a book on Chagall. Studying art history has opened up the story behind the works, and revealed the context of the artist’s life. I learnt five things about navigating through chaos using your gifts and talents through a complex network of valuable connections.

1.       He loved his wife and family.

Perhaps his greatest early struggle was for recognition as an artist, to show his family and his in-laws that he could take care of his beloved Bella. He loved her dearly and she became the subject of his greatest works including his wedding gift: “The Birthday” where he portrays himself swooping through the air to kiss his elegant wife. She often wrote letters to patrons on his behalf while he worked prodigiously at his painting or his etchings and later his murals and even stained glass windows that he produced for numerous churches, the United Nations and the Israeli Parliament. Bella would even criticize his paintings and make sure it is ready! Her parents were jewellery store owners, who lost everything during the revolution. Her faith in her artist’s husband paid off much better than what they had planned for her.

2.       He kept working no matter what.

He kept on working no matter the political upheaval, social unrest, or even the global depression that hampered great artists like Picasso who struggled to sell paintings from 190-34. During the Russian revolution of 1917, he moved to Moscow with millions of other Jews and helped to decorate the backdrops the Jewish Theatre. He used curtains as canvas and even painted on the actor’s clothes. Marc was such an integral part of the theatre, that they nicknamed it ”Chagall’s Box.” During the revolution, they starved and faced cold winters, but kept producing set designs for the theatre. I believe that the creativity of the artists helped to keep their spirits up during the most difficult circumstances. Later, when Chagall had some success as an artists, he accommodated his Jewish Theatre friends in Paris, just before the Second World War. It’s a wonderful coming full circle with his friends and you can see them feasting together on a warm Parisian afternoon in the garden together.

3.       He valued networking on various levels, always corresponding faithfully with partners and friends across cultural and economic divides.

Which teaches us another lesson – remember your partners and friends when it is well with you. It is a blessing to reconnect and orbit around to reconnect on another level. I have a few people in my life that have basically seen me grow up in ministry and in life. They comment on what I am doing from time to time and visit me and the church. When they make a comment about something, it comes a long way. It takes into account your past, your development and your future potential. Value these people and if need be, be open to hear their criticisms too, without taking it too personally. Chagall made use of various networks in his life and knew how to assimilate his family into different cultures wherever they moved, be it Berlin, Paris or New York. His artists network opened up contacts with dealers who commissioned his works, supplied his basic necessities while he was building a name as an artist. He also made friends in different disciplines like poets who often wrote about his poetic artworks as well. He wisely honoured his Jewish roots, yet made friends with Christians just as easily and ended up painting images of Jesus on the cross in many of his famous works. Later, Solomon Guggenheim helped the Chagall’s to flee war-torn Europe when France was invaded and Anti-Semitism was at its height.


4.       Don’t be scared to try something new.

Chagall had to learn the art of etching into copper plates and then proceeded to produced etchings for the Bible and other historical works that connected him back to his Jewish roots. The ability to take what you have and reinvent it is what is required to navigate through chaotic events and from one season in life to another. Chagall saw his friends and family homes looted and nationalized during the communist revolution. He changed his way of working and re-envisioned his artwork to establish an art school and inspire another generation of artists, most of whom were orphaned by the violent attacks. There are pictures of him with his young avant-garde pupils, who despite looking gaunt and hungry, have a sense of purpose restored and they often chanted his name as he came into class!


5.       He kept making his own mark through different art movements

When Chagall was in Paris in 1910, the cubists were a strong influence. But later, he went his own direction and kept using bright colours and symbolic imagery to tell his story of his village and his childhood, even though it had been destroyed. His dream-like paintings have become a great source of joy, inspiration and reminder of suffering, yet with an omnipresent violin player – sometimes even the goat plays a violin in his paintings! The tragi-comical images help you keep your ‘L’chaim to life!” I am so thankful that I have finally rediscovered Chagall and his monumental body of works. I really believe our church building will serve to inspire many with all our creative ingredients, and that people will come from around the world to see our artworks, experience our meetings with beautiful prophetic worship and dance, performing arts and acting prophecy. That out library will be a resource for many and that the atmosphere of Christ’s love and joy in believing will represent a little bit of His kingdom on earth. Thanks Marc!






Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Reasons to become a Producer


Become a Producer

By Aje Pelser

Here are several reasons why you need to be a producer – perhaps you already are!

What defines a producer? Film and cinema comes to mind – that mystical figure behind the realisation of dreams and the person who finds the support and funding to make it all possible. But I have found that the real producers learn to use what they’ve got and don’t wait until everything is perfectly aligned. Time is a luxury for a producer. Time management is a power tool for a producer and it determines budget, human resources, production, launch dates and distribution strategies.

Now that we’ve seen ourselves in Hollywood for a moment, let’s bring it back home and consider whether we are producers or consumers?

To become a producer in life means that you have thought about the way you live and the circles you move in, and you have found that there are essential resources lacking in that environment that only you can provide. Perhaps there are others who can provide that resource, but they haven’t done so yet, or they don’t see the potential market value. 

When you view your resource that you wish to produce from the potential consumer – and take some notes about their complaints about current offerings in the market, you can start to envision your product.

Before we get into marketing strategy let’s talk about your intrinsic production value.

Make a short list of things that you have made, or helped to innovate. It can be concrete or abstract. Concrete examples could include: books, music, video, buildings, gardens, crochet work or anything that you can see. 

Abstract products can include: thought leadership principles and intellectual capital., systems in business or even philosophies for living.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Once you have used your beliefs to create or produce something, you will have some understanding of the way you produce.

Make a few notes about your process.

Do you work fast or do you take time to consider all angles?

When you produce something are you thinking of others or are you making life easier for yourself first, then passing the invention onto someone else?

Do you think about the product and test it in your mind completely or do you apply trial and error until something works out. That is the difference between Edison and Tesla – In the period from 1878 to 1880 Edison and his associates worked on at least three thousand different theories to develop an efficient incandescent lamp. https://www.fi.edu/history-resources/edisons-lightbulb  It had never been done before and no one knew which gases would work with a tungsten filament. Tesla, worked with mind experiments and thought out the entire system of alternating current before attempting to build the prototype. 

Both were successful, so once again, there is no one method here. 

Producing something helps you to fulfil the mandate to be fruitful and multiply in all senses. If you have not worked on something to a point that it can successfully be multiplied, then it still needs some tweaking and perfecting.

Ask anyone who has successfully written or published a book, how many times they had to rewrite and proof read it before going to press? You will learn from writers that they get into a consistent process of rewriting and reading through the book up to a point of exhaustion when they realize it is enough and the book has to get out there! 

When an artist produces an artwork, there a moments when the work needs adjustments and some overall finishing. But then there comes a moment when the artist stands back, squints the eyes to focus and see the work as a whole, and put the paint brush and palette down. It is finished – sign the work! Sometimes if the artist tinkers on at this point the painting loses it vitality.

Producing a family album helps to preserve it for the future - loose photos get lost. Compiling a video of footage about an important event in your life helps to commemorate it and set it apart as a turning point in your life.

When you realize the value of your own productions, you start to see the value of other people’s moments, experiences, and products in their lives too. As a producer you are now a resource for others to make their lives memorable and important. A good product will enhance life and leave a legacy. A useless product will just affirm the apparent transience of our existence. 

When I had finally written and published my first book entitled “Into Orbit: Orbital Systems for every Organization,” my father said something memorable: “You have contributed something to the life force of humanity.”

Interesting thought, ‘life force’ – it makes one think that we all have something to contribute to our collective life force of existence. It is not about the amount of books you can sell. It is the fact that you have written something for someone to read. Even if it reaches one person and enhances their life, it is a contribution to the life force! 

Bob Dylan said once in a song: “I know this song will mean something to someone.” During the pandemic while musicians were struggling to perform, added to the fact that digital music streaming has disrupted the music industry and left song writers wondering about how to make a living, Dylan sold the rights to his collection of songs to Universal Music who purchased his entire song writing catalogue of more than 600 songs in what may be the biggest acquisition ever of a single act’s publishing rights, an estimated $300,000,000. 

Dylan’s catalog, though, is a special gem, revered in a way that perhaps no other popular musician has achieved. His trove of songs have reshaped folk, rock and pop, and he maintains an almost mythic status as the bard of the current age. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” 

I really hope you find the motivation in this article to be the producer God wants you to be in whatever field or capacity. 

If you would like to book an online session of Executive Coaching to help you become a producer or to prepare a product or launch, we can help! 

Book ajepelser@gmail.com 

Monday, 15 February 2021

Enduring the Trial of Your Faith

 A trial is actually an extended test. There are ways to endure the current trial of your faith, whether in relationships, business or finance, health and mental wellness during the current pandemic. I found great encouragement in a small passage written by James, the brother of Jesus, where he highlights the work of patience, that renders one perfect and complete, lacking nothing - if you can allow the work of patience to complete its work, the trial starts to bare the right fruit in your life. We inherit our promises through faith and patience. For more about James, the apostle of the Jerusalem Church, you can contact me for the MBTC Course that takes you deeper into James' writing and principles. here is a link on a talk I did about the concept of "enduring trial of your faith." 


Sunday, 31 January 2021

Enjoy the Space!

Learning to enjoy the space you are in is essential, especially as we go through unchartered territory. Using the concept of perihelion and aphelion - the distance of the earth from the sun and it's consequences I give an astronomical twist to a spiritual concept. have a look at the video:

5 reasons to Advertise in the Telescope Magazine

       The Telescope Magazine enjoys City-wide readership in Cape Town. Because of our church regions in the city, the Telescope Magazine fi...