Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Art of Surf Exhibition

When I first learnt about the Impressionists I found that they had to rent a space to hold their first exhibition and received terrible criticisms:

EMILE CARDON, LA PRESSE, "The exhibition of the Revoltes", April 29, 1874
"There thus remain MM. Degas, Cezanne, Monet, Sisley, Pissarro, Mlle Berthe Morisot etc. etc., the disciples of M. Manet, the pioneers of the painting of the future, the most convinced and authoritative representatives of the School of Impressionism.
This school does away with two things: line, without which it is impossible to reproduce any form, animate or inanimate, and colour, which gives the form the appearance of reality.
Dirty three-quarters of a canvas with black and white, rub the rest with yellow, dot it with red and blue blobs at random, and you will have an impression of spring before which the initiates will swoon in ecstasy.
Smear a panel with grey, plonk some black and yellow lines across it, and the enlightened few, the visionaries, exclaim: Isn't that a perfect impression of the bois de Meudon?" 

Monet's work for instance now reaches selling prices as follows:
A late period work by Claude Monet was recently purchased for over 80 million US dollars at Christie's in London. The painting, entitled 'Le Bassin aux Nympheas' set the record for a painting by Monet. The previous record for one of the impressionist master's works was 41 million dollars.

The new school of artists were rejected by the Artistic Authorities of their day and excluded from formal Artistic circles. How wonderful that today thousands upon thousands line up for hours on end to see the original works of those pioneers at galleries like the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. 

So inspired by the greats and a friend in church, Jean-Pierre Uys, who understands the concept of pop-up exhibitions, we decided to exhibit my works about the Art of Surf in an empty office space where we rent Church space as well. 

One of the reasons for the Art of Surf Exhibit:
A Mission to Liberia is in the pipeline this June and some of the funds raise will help cover his expenses at Harvester’s Soul Clinic ministry, where I will be helping a local minister to start a Bible College. And yes, there are plans to surf on the coast of Liberia Lord willing at a famous point break called Mamba point! Apostle Andre Pelser, founded Harvester International Ministries that now reaches over 90 nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is now my privilege to follow up some of those nations and offer support. 

So thank you to those who purchased all my original paintings within 2 hours! Praise God for that, and the prints are selling well too, printed on Fine Art Exhibition Fibre with durable ink. I am grateful to all that helped make the evening a success to God's glory - thank you Lord for a body of believers that stand together in unity and make life a pleasure to live. Some "art patrons" have commissioned me to do some family works for them, and I look forward to that. Please order more prints and postcards and support us in reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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