Saturday, 29 September 2012

They took down my posters! It's not the first time we have had our Posters removed before events that affect change in local communities in Cape Town. An Apostolic Breakthrough Conference in Fishhoek comes to mind - 1997. But after Pastor Clyde and Llynith Davids evanglised Malibu in the municipal district of Helderberg, they realized God is sending them into the highways and biways to bring in the harvest. People who had indicated they were going to attend the Good News production in the local School Hall cancelled and they were worried. They felt inspired to dress up get a vuvuzela and become the town criers for Jesus! Kids from hte streets ran into the hall - see photograph to prove kids running to the production of Good News!

Town Crier Pastor Clyde Davids

Kids running into Malibu High for the Good News!

Thabisa played Stella the Journalist 

Trauma Scene: Thabisa excelled

Apostle Leigh and Pastor Derrick along with Thabisa and Werner pray for Kids to get saved

I laid hands on them in Jesus' name to receive the Hoy Spirit

Prophet Lynette ministers

We'll see you guys in Bible College!

Happy Pastors after souls got saved - now the work of follow up and discipleship begins...
It was a tremendous effort on the part of the Helderberg Area of Harvester Cape Town. The cast and crew are well oiled machines by now but Thabisa and Werner stepped in admirably in the lead roles of Stella and Alex. I thank God for a wonderful team of actors, dancers and technicians that cooperated with the evanglists from Pastor Clyde's district. Many children gave their hearts to the Lord and we prayed for them to be filled with the Holy SPirit. The lead character's Mother also received ministry and was filled with the Spirit.

Thanks to Prophet Celeste Glass for the Photos that help us document what GOd does. Glory to Jesus for some more good news! We look forward to reach Summer Greens where Apostle Ike Ibeh has some plans for us to minister.

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