Monday, 3 February 2014

Art with a Mission

This is the 3rd consecutive Missionary Art Auction/ Exhibition that we have hosted at Harvester Reformational Church in The HUB Cafeteria that has been completely sold out! Praise the Lord! "The Art of Surf" a few years ago was a good start and creative an awareness of the link between our talents and the great commission Jesus gave - to make disciples of all nations.
There is a team of apostolic people behind every successful Art Auction. When I walked into a gallery last month and told the curator about the sales of our Missionary Art, she asked for my details because any artist would love to have this kind of support. But there is more to it than good marketing. We really are a body of believers - one of my friends in church was actually bidding against himself because he wanted to contribute more to the Mission and ended up buying two of Apostle Andre's beautiful water colours!
From my Dad's Sketches Brochure:
"Apostle AndrĂ© and Prophet Nola Pelser, have pioneered a move of God’s Spirit throughout the earth over 3 decades by His grace. AndrĂ©’s unique perspective of life, seen through a traveller’s eyes captures: the golden glow of a Thai Temple, the imposing figure of a soldier in an African war; the glimpse of a cityscape, the dignity of a Japanese hairdo. Learn more about this missionary and his life’s work at or visit

I really only realized a week ago that my Dad and I are doing a father son exhibiton. I don't know of too many events like that and would be interested to find out about other father son combinations in the arts. There are some good patrons of the arts that appreciate culture in this growing household of faith and I wish to thank them for their support and extravagance.
We all had a great time laughing at the bidding wars and seeing who gets the Japanese Lady or the Camel going through the eye of the needle. Well done to Apostle Andre and to the team of helpers who set things up - Doreen Delport, Lezaan Visagie, Marco Meyer, Du Wayne Denton, Louw Haasbroek and Suneth Kotze, Marieke Fourie and the caterers who truly gave us a taste of the nations with the Indian Punch and Samoosas, with Filipino fruit Skewers. Zoe my little girl showed me her fruit on a skewer and said to me, "Look Dad I am having breakfast!"
I know my artworks also have found loving homes and hope that the presence of God will permeate the homes that receive them glorifying God for His exquisite Creation. We do have prints available of some of the works and we can send a catalogue for orders printed on high quality art paper with long lasting ink
We raised more or less enough to sustain another mission in Asia, the registration of Harvester Philippines is due in March of this year Lord willing. I also have pending invitations to Zambia; Sri Lanka and China - let's see how it all unfolds - God will paint on the canvas of the year ahead!
The screening of the Drama Miracle Man was well attended and there were some instant healings of an index finger that was in spasm, a left knee that was in pain and a few other reports came of God confirming His word with signs and wonders following.
Thanks Harvester Art Patrons! Well done Pastor Billy who sold 45 paintings in one night! Glory to God!

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