Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prisoners Production: 2 Brothers Act Together

One privilege of being part of a creative church is getting the chance to act with your friends and family. In Good News, my daughter Cherie and I shared the stage, now I get to play Apostle Paul with Hilton as Silas in “the Prisoners” a rock musical production written and directed by Dr Andre Pelser (Dad) and choreographed by Apostle Leigh and Prophet Lynette Collins.
After MBC on Wednesdays we get stuck into rehearsals and Dad brings out his inner director! With years of experience on stage and film, we have learnt a great deal from Andre about delivering meaningful lines that seem to capture this move of God like: ‘’Well, let us look even further than what we see now, Silas. Let’s dream of other lands. Let our eyes scan distant horizons.’’
The Prisoners cry out:
“There is now way out, no one can rescue me
No matter how loud I shout
My voice is just an echo of millions just like me…’’
While we have often mused about the thought of performing at a local prison for inmates, the real prisoners are those who are bound in spirit and oppressed by the devil and sin.
The jailer sings: “Come over here and help us please!”
But for God to rescue a jailer from his prison of fear -  the apostolic team has to undergo an interesting turn of events, that doesn't fit your regular Christian ministry itinerary!

We are performing on the 8th of November at Bellville North Primary School and hope to see many prisoners set free. Funds raised through ticket sales go to the Harvester Building Fund.

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