Monday, 22 June 2015


Cold front dodging weekend lifted spirits
Season chang'd in the first few minutes
With team mates cheering on!

Coach directed strategy linking talents
guiding energies to a thrilling three all
But Ethan's right boot whipped the ball
finding Lennon's perfect header... score!

Perfect Os braai'd boerewors topped with
Proper Church body organization
No one is too busy
No one overworked
All the kids got fizzers
Zoe's goal went bezerk!

Janyck rose up super soccer
Remax champions to defend
The glassy trophy bringing friends
to the field of dreams that launches
missions to the earth's ends

Youth ablaze and scoring goals
with World Cup feelings in their souls
Play every game with fiery zeal
Use up all power from Os's meal!

Remax revisit reigning champs
While Ethan lifts the plate up high
Time to go and players sigh:
"We'll win next year!"
While in the distance champion's cheer.

Ethan Pelser with his mates from Sunningdale City FC won the youth plate. Lennon mentioned in the poem holds the plate.

2 Time Winners of the MBC Cup REMAX triumphant well done!

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