Friday, 15 January 2016

Full Circle: Generation Next Now at MBC

On Monday we register a new student group for 2016 at Miracle Bile College, Cape Town.
Every year I am aware that God sends people for us to train. We are always so honoured that people answer the call to study the Word of God on a daily basis for a year. This is truly the most absorbing way of raising the standard of hearing God’s voice through an open Bible that you can get today.
Sean and Prophet Celeste Glass have journeyed with us for 2 decades and now their eldest is enrolling. From the letter you notice how God uses different people in the Church to connect people into an orbit of discipleship:
“Dear Apostle Aje,
…In January of 1996 Pastor Stefan (then dating Wilna) abruptly stopped me in the middle of the road at a tri-athlon race, and asked if I was in a church, told me he was picking me up the next morning and that's that. (We weren't friends at the time, we just knew each other from seeing at training or events)
At the service in Milnerton High School hall, seated in the row behind me was Ebernice who had been my ACSV group leader in 1992.
In February of 1996 the sports company i worked for sent me to their Tygervalley branch and on my first day there Eric Collins walks in and cracks jokes about 'The Ministry of Funny Walks" and invites me to spend my lunch at their coffee shop inside their book store directly opposite from where I worked. I had never met Eric before, but his face rang a bell.
Walking into the shop at lunch time I see a dark haired fellow painting a mural and realize, his face looks familiar too, and it hits me the two are brothers Eric and Leigh Collins and they ministered to our senior youth at Bergsig NG Church in 1992.
Eric then starts discipling me and brings me to their home cell, where it turns out Stefan is a member and where I meet Richard Glass and we become friends.
September of that year I lay down all my plans and dreams and decided to begin my first year of full time Bible College at Life of Christ Bible Institute together with Eric.
You were class captain, your father the lecturer.
This coming Monday 18 January, when Rebekah enters the same Bible College after on her own deciding to heed Gods call to study the Word full time - it will be 20 years from my first being added to this church and this training centre! 
I was the first in our family line to answer, by God's grace and the help of the Holy Spirit alone, to fully commit my life to this continuous present day reformation and Rebekah represents the next (now) generation continuing in that legacy.
Sean and I give God all the glory for this! Every fiery trial, every suffering, every rebuke and times of discipline has been SO worth it! This reward far outweighs all the suffering combined.
We thank God for the example your parents have set, for the times they continued to encourage me to stay at ladies meeting so I could receive instruction and impartation from Prophet Nola on how to raise my children to serve the Lord. For the example you as a family are because I always thought, if God could do it for Apostle Andre and Prophet Nola - that their children willingly and whole heartedly serve the Lord with joy - then He can do the same for us and our children and by His grace...
There is no God like our God. He gets all the glory and the praise and the honour.
Thank you for allowing God to use you all in the way He sees fit, it has set the course for our family line for the good.
Grace and peace”

We register at MBC on Monday 18th January at 10:00, all are welcome to join us for drinks and snacks with an orientation session by the staff of 2016. Look forward to seeing you there!

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