Thursday, 11 February 2016

On dawn patrol this morning at MBC Camp 2016 - "dawn Patrol" is a term used in surfing when you get up at the break of day and patrol the beaches looking for waves - I got Ethan and Kristofor to join me. Kristofor is our class captain this term, elected by his peers, an honour at MBC.
The glassy perfection of this morning's surf echoed the favour we received from our Father God who blessed us with a great camp.
When a seal popped up his head I yelled out in my best vocal seal call impression: "Oh Oh!" and within a few seconds the little "show-off" was right next to me with his big shiny eye - checking me out in his local fishing spot! Then under my surfboard, to the other side. They catch waves with so much ease and use the energy of the swell to propel them towards their catch without the effort we have to incur in paddling. At home in the ocean. We should give him credit for attending MBC Camp as well - make a note Pastor Angie! Getting him to graduation at the end of the year might be another story!

The students enjoyed the sea this time and got to surf. We rented some boards and wet suits and even our resident master chef Pastor Clyde enjoyed some great rides this morning – in fact, he surfed for about an hour! 
Mr Seal and Aje captured by Leigh on camera!
View from Breakfast - MBC Camp 2016

Group performs Drama

Ethan sizes up a wave

Luke in deep thought.

Morning Meditations

Why we love Cape Town - Table Mountain mid morning

Ministry of slow motion walks with Apostle Leigh

Our schedule included a full session on the Foundation Stones of our faith, where we saw some great potential teachers come to the fore. We praised and worshiped to the sounds of guitars late into the night and danced out our victory to some old and new tunes. A highlight for me was the father and son combos of Collins and Pelser doing praise and worship last night. 
We appreciate the contributions of each staff member at Camp from Dance to Drama to prophetic words, catering, music and teaching. Slow motion class with Apostle Leigh was fantastic. Apostle Andre and Prophet Nola inspired the students with their wise words of experience. Teacher Chantal showed how you can worship God without instruments and had the students prepare proper Gospel lessons for kids. 

I also would like to add that the addition of Teacher Neil and Jasmine’s household at the meeting last night released some good synergy in the Table View area and we made decrees in the spirit. Sean told some encouraging stories from his Bible College days. Jasmine encouraged the students to persevere. Then we braaid some marshmallows over a fire Neil H. put together – the camp "MacGyver". Earlier Neil found a way onto the roof to retrieve sunscreen that I tossed to someone. Thanks Neil!

The cultural affairs camp site is one of the best in the world for location. Having breakfast on the beach talking to friends old and new and meditating on God's Word has to be one of the top perks of being involved in Miracle Bible College in Cape Town. Awesome. 

Praise God! Thank You Jesus! 

Apostle Aje Pelser

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