Sunday, 1 May 2016

4 New Bible Colleges!

Descending the Summit this year has been so interesting. The quiet peace and serenity that came from the awareness of the Father’s Presence has seeped into every aspect of life. Many young people made a decision to go to Bible College after school after hearing leaders speak about what the Word has meant to them. Thank You Jesus!
Apostle Wilson form Hyderbad, India told us of how someone once sponsored him to go to Bible College and how that changed the course of his life. He experienced life as a untouchable –check out his story some of the sessions of the Summit I think it was the Tuesday Morning 19th April. We connected well and he now has the core MBC curriculum to start training his network in India – pastors that will eventually have the MBC translation into Telagu Medium – something we still have to do!
Apostle Alex from Uganda made a god impression of someone willing to go and plant churches in the villages where he is from. He is also going to help start implementing Bible College training in the churches that work with us in Uganda.
Closer to home Harvester Vaalwater is launching their satellite MBC soon with Pastor Jan-Hednrik Kleynhans better known for his amazing voice on Radio Namaqualand. Now God is raising him up as a teacher of leaders in the region – well done!
After Prophet Nola connected with Apostle Andre in Vaalwater, discussions led to the sharing of resources which should result in an MBC Cell there soon – we have shared manuals and MBC discipleship procedures with them to cap off an amazing decent.

We celebrated the nations God is helping us reach in difficult zones this morning at Church. Although Apostle Andre has reached over a 100 nations we are now reaching more through the live streaming. From Russia to Sudan! Praise God for our team in media and IT support who have constantly worked to get the message out. We would of course love to keep improving the quality and will work on it ad infinitum. Any support or equipment would be appreciated! Today our cameraman for live streaming was 12 year Liam Glass – what a champion! His sister is currently completing Bible College – guess where he is going straight after grade 12?

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