Thursday, 25 August 2016

Missions Art Series: "Woodstocking" in Cape Town

For those who visit Cape Town I have coined a new phrase for myself: "Woodstocking" While there are terms that I won't describe here that use the same words, I feel I can redeem the term now! Things are changing quite fast in this more historic district of Cape Town - a growing metropolitan city of 3,700,000 people. (Newspaper quote from Mayor Patricia de Lille) What once was a cheaper area to rent warehouse style spaces amidst cute looking rustic colonial homes stacked up towards views of Table Mountain, is now a trend setting area. The subject for a new series of "bo-kaap colourful houses" style landscape oils that I have been working on is based on hidden gems like these:

Old Biscuit Mill enthusiasts that have placed the area on the map over the last 5 years. As an artist I fund the area inspiring. Because in one shop you can get designer furniture at top prices, and two blocks on you can get rustic frames for your photos for R50!  The Tables at the Test Kitchen - Winner of the Best Restaurant in Africa 2016 - can be reserved for over a R1000 per head on a given night, and you can also find a deli with great selections for much less with some of the best coffee in the world. 
An Artistic Print Shop in Woodstock sells limited edition prints for renowned international and local artists, at unbelievable prices. We found that shop's printer that prints for Apostle Andre's artwork - in .... Woodstock! But you can get art for free on the street by just walking and admiring the murals. Artwork is everywhere...

Looking for parking? Get some at the Swimming Elephant mural!

Today I was busy "woodstocking" for watercoulour paper for Apostle Andre's next Missions Auction, that will take place at SOET Emporium in conjunction with Winelands Art Gallery. We have a wonderful meeting with the founding partner and artist Harry Erasmus who will confirm the dates probably near the end of September 2016. 

See Apostle Andre's collection online: 

And thanks for free art exhibit Woodstock!

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