Friday, 24 March 2017

Celebrate Life

Sometimes it's good to celebrate life!
That old Rabbi once spoke to my Dad and told him that when situations call for a decision - to choose life. Make the choice that will promote life. This has become a saying in our circles too and often when faced with challenges - we decide to pursue the choice that stimulates more of that life force that Jesus paid for on the cross.
Today our venue where rent a space for Miracle Bible College told us that we could not use it because of a funeral. Our condolences to the families of the deceased.
However, it is our end of term and the students have done incredibly well to complete their exams and assignments - many of them have made great sacrifices to be there, traversing continents and leaving loved ones to study the Word.
So we chose life and went to celebrate at Primi at Canal Walk and had a round of awesome coffee and cakes.
We returned their essays and papers with termly reports congratulating them on their efforts.

In the photograph is Jody on the left who gave up quite a lot in terms of further education to study the Word. Uwezu is from Tanzania and misses his family while he completes 2 years at MBC. He received a perfect score for the study of the book of Romans showing a a clear comprehension of the difficult concepts of righteousness and law. Next to me in the gleaming purple shirt is Fresher - who often comes straight to College from his night shift in security, a dangerous and exhausting work. He wants to be a writer of Gospel books.  Anthony on the right was sent to us from Harvester Reformational Church Pretoria. He is staying with fellow student Daniel's family in Durbanville and is settling well into new surroundings. He is showing interest in changing society and is praying about how to do that after College. A former athlete he is now running a different race and is enjoying Bible College life - he did not get the memo for dress code but we let it slide for today! Choose life!

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