Thursday, 6 July 2017

Three Dimensional Impressions of Glory

Namaqualand Visual Glory Series

About the Artwork
The third dimension of living is seeing beyond the natural and into the supernatural.
When this is applied to fine art, there is an acceptance of the two dimensional plane to a degree, but the third dimension is introduced through the devices of perspective, stroke and impasto layers of colourful sculptural paint.

When the artist reflects on God’s creation, he allows the scene to impress on him, the glory of the Creator’s intent the moment it was conceived. The explosion of colour and the rhythm of movement conveys life creating a visual dance that lures the viewer into a new dimension of living.

One day you will be looking at an artwork by the artist and then, suddenly the light will be right and the angle of sight will be perfect, and the first impression of a landscape will “pop” to life. The juxtaposition of complimentary oranges and blues, yellows and purples will generate a third dimension of emotion transporting you to the vast Namaqualand landscapes of the Cape.

May you find the joy of living and the third dimension of existence that was intended for you.

Orange Blanket, Namaqualand, Oil on Canvas A2 Size, by Aje Pelser

Sun Kissed Glory, Oil on Canvas A1 size, by Aje Pelser

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