Friday, 20 October 2017

Venice Gondolier A2 by Andre Pelser

Gemsbok A2  by Andre Pelser

Wildebeest Silhouette A2 Charcoal Drawing by Aje Pelser

Morning Ngunis by Aje Pelser

Father and Son at the Art with a Mission stall 1st Heldeberg Festival 2017, at the Helderberg Rubgy Club, Strand.
Apostles go first! it was a good opportunity to support Johan & Leonie the organizers of the Festival and reach a new region with the cause of missions. Carin and Doreen and the events team have done a beautiful job converting the clubhouse into an art gallery! We hope to have a similar Art Gallery and Resource Shop at the New Church in Burgundy Estate. The organizers of the festival are incidentally also the builders of our church! The Helderberg Festival saw people arriving in the afternoon sampling the coffee, drinks and food stalls with some interesting soft chairs that you need to try! We particularly liked the Hollandse poffertjies with Nutella dressing! Louise Louw has a good coffee shop with a decadent cake selection inside the main hall where the ladies can also sample the creams and soaps on sale at good prices.
Dad, Mom and I  got VIP badges and as we walked around inspecting the stalls we got all sorts of reactions from the vendors, many of whom would stand up to greet us, some of whom asking why we were VIPs! Dad said he often feels like an NIP - not important person doing his missions in the far reaches of the world where no one knows his name. Well we hope that people get the message the Jesus is all about missions and reaching every nation - including the the local people from Strand and Somerset West!
MBC Class of 2017 were handing out brochures, tracts and flyers engaging with arriving guests and reaching many of the young people curious about art. Thanks MBC team! A pleasant experience all round and we hope to do it again next year.

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