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Start Your Spiritual Journey HERE

Start Your Spiritual Journey HERE
By Apostle Aje Pelser
Miracle Bible College Full Time Campus - Cape Town, South Africa
Life is a journey and you should enjoy the ride. But a journey is much better with a good guide to show you the way. When travelling in interesting places around the world we realize that the “traveler must suffer” at times. A saying that has helped us laugh through difficult situations form the first time we went to Hong Kong and our guide Murphy gave us the proverb. Being prepared for a bit of suffering helps to keep you calm and then you enjoy the good times even more, cherishing the glorious moments and showing gratitude throughout the journey for the little blessings and divine connections that take place. We make peace with the fact that each journey has challenges.
Journeying spiritually has parallels that can help you plot the next series of destinations that God has for you.
For instance, when someone opens their home for you in a foreign country it feels like you get to know the people and the culture more. Visiting friends in Paris recently lifted the tourist vibe off me and I felt welcome and at home in one of my favourite cities in the world – Cape Town, London and New York are in that list too!
Jesus said that if we keep His Word, He and the Father would make their home in our hearts too. When studying at Miracle Bible College in any capacity, be it full time at our facility in Cape Town, or part time at one of our 35 Satellites and Bible Cells around the world, or online through correspondence, there is an opportunity to make Jesus feel at home with you – something that will enhance your spiritual journey. Making the God your Spiritual travel companion and the Holy Spirit your guide is essential in discovering the hidden gems. There are places that your average tourist will never get to see if there is no respect for locals. I had a wonderful time in Paris in some hidden cafĂ©’s with friends where they like to go away form the masses. Those are the golden glory moments you cherish and keep secret. Spiritually, the revelation God gives you in the word, to discover new pathways to spiritual prosperity and peace are to be cherished. Dr Gray used to tell the students of Miracle Valley Bible College that they should keep a journal to jot down a short summary of what God said throughout the day’s classes. Often you will find that God confirms things from one class to the next and the lecturers never plan this at all! Such divine confirmations will propel individual journeys through the kingdom of God.
Leaving your comfort zone forces you into the unknown and gets you to meet people. At the same time travellers will go on an inward journey too discovering new things about themselves. When one looks into the mirror of God’s word, the law of liberty as James calls it, there is a reflection inwardly of Christ’s work that reveals dimensions of the new creation that God is producing daily. You need time to reflect! Taking time to study the Word, even if it is one subject per term, once a week will buy you time that will be focussed and God will stretch it out with eternal value for you. Sometimes people rush through their travels and see all the sites, but never take time to get off the tourist bus and take in the surroundings at their own pace, allowing themselves to be absorbed in the local way of life and pace. Some cities are fast and you feel it taking along in the energy and current of people going about their lives like New York or London. Other cities and regions offer a slower pace and you will spend a few hours over a lunch discussing things with random people allowing life to pass by calmly without any guilt! Enjoy the time you have bought to study the Word.
Observing people and how they go about things in different cultures is a fun hobby of mine – because you often have to wait while travelling. Taking time to observe life and moving away from just the same apps on your phone for a moment might enrich you more on every level of spirit, soul and body. There is such a need for people to take a moment away from devices that tend to run our lives. Devices are always a good tool – but we should be led by the Spirit, not our phone! We have a virtual office network of global churches and bible colleges. With my phone I can start a Bible College and give apostolic perspective to leaders from Sudan to Delportshoop in the Northern Cape, in fact to 4 continents now. We do business on our phones and emails and Whatsapp and communicate on so many platforms. While it is an awesome time to be alive in terms of IT and Communications, the spiritual side can be neglected. That’s is why the moments in your journey when your phone is off, often becomes a good time to absorb different things and connect with real people around you! Taking time to read the Bible and pray, writing down what speaks to you in a journal can become so precious that you will want more time to do that. Basically, find a balance in your journey to do what you have to do, and prioritize your experiences according to the values that you cherish. It is your experience and it is up to you to make it valuable. Apostle Andre travels with his summarized Journeys of Christ and spends time working through the greatest life ever lived. Perhaps that is one of the keys to living an exciting life, full of journeys to over 120 countries now with Nepal and Bangladesh as his next destinations?

May God lead and guide you on your best journeys yet to come! 

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