Monday, 11 March 2019

New Book

There are galaxies of leadership to explore, from personal to corporate, from influencing a community to uplifting a whole society. We might not all take the lead in daily life, but we all have a responsibility to lead in some way that affects not only our course of life, but those around us. With this in mind I have decided to offer some thoughts and meditations of defining moments in my life that developed the leader within me.
At this stage, it is beneficial to reflect on my journey and evaluate the lessons, principles, experiences and life changing moments and people that helped to shape the leader in me. I would encourage the reader to take my examples and use them as springboards of thought and meditation. From the short stories you will recall events and places, people and mentors that heave helped to shape your inner leader to this point.
You can order this book as a PDF digitally from For R125. The Printed version is R150 available from Pelser Media pop-Up Shop at the Summit this year in Wellington.

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