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Executive Coaching Planning Arrow Session presented by Aje Pelser

Executive Coaching Planning Arrow Pelser Media

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Ever Expanding Circles:
Concentric circles that are ever expanding emulate a ripple effect of a fulfilled life.
If you are truly at peace with yourself and with God, it influences your situation and those around you.
What I have learnt from mentors have become part of a lifestyle of peace versus a mere mental formula.
The value of executive coaching today is that it offers you tools to help shape the inner life, one concentric circle at a time.
It really starts with becoming honest. There have been executive coaching sessions that I would rather forget because the coachee took an hour to tell me that the topic we discussed was not really the issue at hand.
I have found that a coaching session needs to be approached professionally and objectively.
The executive coach should maintain an objectivity that is attained through experience in the field.
It is not a counselling session in the traditional Christian sense, where people seek a solution from a mentor.
Rather, the coaching session is designed for the person to find the solution within.
There may be storms raging in the person that hinder true reflection and problem solving.
A typical executive coaching session would last just under an hour.
Once the neutral environment session has commenced, there will be a short description of how coaching works.
The most important concept to understand is that through systematic questioning, the coachee will discover the truth about a subject within and be placed on a pathway of finding a solution.
There is no judgment in the session that would make someone close up to further inward thought and reflection.
The experienced coach will take a sincere interest in topics that seem to trigger emotion and further revelation.
Once that trust is established the process can speed up, but sometimes layers of personal defences prevent a smooth session.
Confidentiality is essential and ensures a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.
No personal contact should be made during the session as this may interfere with the process.
Notes of the session can be kept to evaluate the process and keep track of the personal development graph.
After points have been discussed the coachee will be asked about a possible plan of action and a set date of completion of those actions.
A follow up session should be set to create personal momentum and growth. A seasonal follow up should suffice and most clients have two to four sessions annually. Once the results are seen, it becomes clear to clients that executive coaching is a wonderful tool for ever-increasing growth in all spheres of life.
We apply spiritual principles along with executive coaching methods, but are careful to allow people to arrive at their own answers to the difficult questions in life.
If you would like to book a session please contact us at the numbers listed.
There is a set fee for the session and it differs from coach to coach, but our team have shown tremendous commitment to the process of helping people find the solution within, and the testimonials speak for themselves.


Testimonial of Jasmine Lombard:
I have been running a profitable and successful business for nine years, and I could not have done it without Executive Coaching. Aje has helped me to find the solution within when it comes to making difficult decisions in business. Executive Coaching has brought many truths to light that have helped my business to prosper for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. I highly recommend Executive Coaching to any professional and business owner serious about excelling in their work, and who would like to build a better future for their families with confidence and clarity of mind.
Our first business coaching session  happened when Apostle Aje phoned me, while we were living in Upington, and gracefully commanded/instructed me to get my life and business in order.
After hearing from God, I decided to submit to the command/instruction from Apostle Aje and move back to Cape Town. What also moved me was that Apostle Aje took the time to call and show compassion toward me.
From our arrival, and up until this day, we committed to being coached by Apostle Aje in all areas of our lives.
Receiving coaching with Apostolic insight brings perspective and an “eagle’s-eye” view into our business. Coaching has helped us recognize our blind spots and brought about the necessary changes to address these blind spots.

Apostle Aje has coached us into bringing God into our business, making it Christ-centred with biblical principles and to keep our legacy in mind throughout all our business dealings.
We have learned how to tithe accurately:
First give to God with quick hands. We have tithed and (double tithed on several occasions) and God has doubled and even tripled the amounts back to us almost immediately.
Business coaching from a believer in accurate doctrine, like Apostle Aje, is a wonderful blessing and we thank God for him. We also thank the Lord for teaching us to submit, helping us to renew our minds and how to gain understanding.
In conclusion, with much humility, we can say that being coached by a servant of the Lord and obeying the Words which we believe came from Him,  God has delivered us from a poverty mentality to understanding wealth establishment.
Executive couching became a vehicle that enabled our team migrating with innovation working in a forever changing technology landscape.
Executive Coaching has enabled us to change our team ideas and dreams to a more practical and simple steps with “real” time frames. Continual Coaching taught us to use previously miles stones reached as a foundation to manage any project. In doing so It created a principle of constantly improving what we are doing as well as always advancing at a steadily pace. Executive Couching challenged me to allow the team to interact with one another more actively allowing them to voice new ideas to challenges experienced or when planning and executing new projects. Knowing that the answer is within and not from yourself. Taught me the valuable lesson that when you do make the vision simple and share it with your team continually.  As their understanding grow concerning the vision in ways that make sense to them their commitment is also promoted from within and you don’t need to constantly motivate them.

To Book an executive coaching session text “Coach” to 0847070909
or email:

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