Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Final Rehearsals

What a day!
Yesterday I was shouting out "You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you!" to the cast and technical crew. Today I had to say it to myself - the two-edged sword effect of the Word is awesome. It fights for others and cuts you loose too!
Seeing the dancers do take after take tonight was inspirational to say the least. The technical crew had set things up so we could finally shoot the music video - 2 videos in fact, so watch this space for the Title track "Good News" and also the dance portraying the healing of the "Mad Man" from Africa, a true story that you can read about in our Reformer Newsletter. Well done to the team tonight, oops last night! A special moment for me was Cherie saying on her birthday "I could have gone on and on" she likes the African dance scene because it is quite challenging. But more importantly, she is using her God-given talent to help us spread Good News to her generation - glory to God for that!

We look forward to tonight with nervous excitement yet faith in the Word of God to accomplish that to which it is sent. our area pastors are distributing tickets all around Cape Town and I have heard of families sponsoring others to attend in order to reach them for Christ - well done Harvesters!

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