Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Testimonies from Cast & Crew

" For me what became a miracle is: I play a scene that became earthed in my life. In the intro scene I play the role of "Maqhankqa"  little did I knw that I will also hang the posters of good news in real life. (On the Roads of Cape Town!)This is prophetic to me that I will bring the good news to others, this links with the statement made by the Preacher in Madman scene one of my favourite lines: he said "God will use you!", in Jesus name let all the glory go to my Master and best friend Who made this possible." Gift S.Matebese

"There have been many fruits to pick for me through taking part. I have seen the importance of working together like a well-oiled machine. Every part HAS to do its share, or the others suffer. I have grown in discipline and in working under pressure. I also know many people better than before and feel enriched because of it, seeing Jesus in all of them!"
Marlize Haasbroek

"It is Thanksgiving Sunday this coming Sunday and every year I look back on previous years prayer requests that I have written down.
I was going through my 2009 prayers and thanksgiving list the other day and I saw that I had written that I was trusting God to be involved in another MBC production! Being involved in this production has really been a dream come true for me. I really enjoyed being involved in drama productions while I was at MBC 8 years ago. I thought that it was over when I graduated. I can now say that it is definitely not over and I am SO grateful to be able to be apart of this production. God amazes me more and more as I continue to serve Him. It just shows you, nothing is impossible for God. He so wonderfully grants us the desires of our hearts:)"
Dominique Venter

"One of my dreams is to write music for movies and documentaries, using authentic music/recordings from the indigenous people and sounds around them i.e. to document missions or work done elsewhere but be involved with the music side. How amazing is it, that what actually happens in the story line, I want to do i.e. going to Africa and record what God is doing there! So this was a wonderful opportunity for me to see how original music is used, I enjoyed sourcing and helping in the selection of sound effects and just being involved in putting together a music soundtrack that adds to what is happening on stage. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of something so much bigger than what we can see in the natural."
Angie Collins

"It is no co-incidence that all three of the dances I am involved in for the Good News production bear great significance in my life. Firstly, I have lived with much sorrow for a number of years. Just a few months before we started working on the Good News Production the Lord delivered me from sorrow. One of the dances I do is about a little boy that is healed from terminal diseases and my role is to portray the joy of that healing through dancing, specifically in the style of ballet which I have been trained in. What has made this such an awesome experience is that I do not have to invoke feelings of joy to bring it across on a performance level, but I can just do it because I feel a substance of joy within me!  I understand the words of King David in Psalm 30:11 on a whole new level: “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.” All that mourning and sorrow that I walked around with for years has been replaced with a larger capacity, ability and more incredibly a joy for dancing (even though it has been passion of mine since a young age)! Not only has the Lord delivered me from sorrow but the fact that my body is able to cope with the amount of physical activity is also a testimony to the goodness of the Lord! A few years ago I acquired back, hip and ankle bone injuries which had tremendous influence on my activities. However, over the past few years the Lord has healed me and I have recovered to such a state that those injuries are no longer a factor in my physical activities. Just a fortnight before the performance I even received the good news that my ankle had completely recovered from a splintered bone—what incredible timing of the Lord to give us His good news! Come, taste and see that the Lord is good!!!!"
Jacqueline Louw

"For me as father of Andrew (Little Boy Actor in Good News) it is a honour because when I came to harvester and I have act in some of the production when I was a student off MBC and 10 year later I see my son fulfilling a prophecy wher he is acting and on the first acting at citrasdal at 28 /8/11 a prophecy was again decree by Apostle Leigh wife saying(  quote:  the Lord is equipping my son for an evangelistic call and he will be used mightily by the lord around the world in healing and salvation) I tank you Lord for all the good news production team grace of Lord jesus christ be with your spirit Amen." Domingo Sitoe 

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  1. These testimonies bring tears of joy! Thank You Jesus for these precious people who died to selfish ambition and self for You to use their talents and gifts to reach others through the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for rewarding them in so many ways that money and success in the world can never come close to. Well done everybody!


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