Monday, 30 January 2012

Good News from Fruitful Africa
It was on tour in 2008 on an Arik Air flight to Benin from Lagos, Nigeria, that I saw a vision. This was the first tour of the Harvester Blues Band including Apostle Andre and myself, the Collins Brothers Dale and Leigh, Greg “Ching” Smith, and bass man Jean-Pierre Joubert. At that stage it was hard for people to understand the maths of missions. It felt like we were sowing and sowing, going and going and the ground was hard. Apostle Andre said that he initially did not think he would go into Africa, but rather to the English speaking nations of the world. Today there are already two French Churches relating to Harvester in Côte d’Ivoire and there are 45 more French speaking nations to reach. With the recent connections in Uganda with Pastor Richard Sisendi and other brothers in Liberia busy adopting the Harvester Constitution, it seems clear that those early seeds sown in obscurity are producing tremendous fruit.
The vision was of a huge tree the shape of the continent, with roots in the South, a strong supporting stem in the middle and bright juicy fruit further up encouraged us to continue with the expensive long term strategy of reaching Africa, to reform the Church in order to reform the land.
Well done Apostle Andre Pelser, who has acted as “Dr. Livingstone I presume?” in a Rolux Magnum advert (A lawn mower company – “cutting a pathway through Africa”) in early 80’s and is following in Livingstone’s footsteps from Cape To Cairo. This is acting prophecy in its purest form. If you would like to help us reach more nations and especially support the February trip to Côte d’Ivoire, please contact me at
Enjoy my painting of the Prophecy, now being fulfilled by grace through faith – thank you Jesus!

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