Monday, 23 January 2012

Painting, Prophecy and a Jacuzzi

There is a beautiful little valley tucked away behind Stellenbosch called Jonkershoekvallei. Most tourists stop at Lanzerac Wine Estate, but five minutes down the road is the site of our MBC camp this year, "Die Eiland" or "The Island" so named because of the fork in the river cutting out the area of the camp. This year we have a full time group of students compromising mostly "Africans and an American" as Apostle Leigh put it. So when we arrived in this picturesque Eden, with water jets flowing over time rounded rocks it took no time for our students to discover the natural "Jacuzzi"! On Sunday at Church we had to explain what the students meant after their testimony about the wonderful MBC Camp: God providing delicious food, a soccer field and the time they spent in the "Jacuzzi." The river is of course a shallow and cool mountain river fed by nearby fountains in the mountainous surrounds, so you can position yourself on a large pebble and merely lie downstream as the water rushes over you.
By the way we also worked through the whole Foundation Course, explained vision and discussed the True Church, with Children's Church Workshops, Dance and Movement with apostle Leigh and Prophet Lynette, with a fantastic introduction to Worship by Prophet Nola, and a foundation lesson on Faith by Apostle Andre Pelser fresh from a visit to Harvester Uganda.

And I completed an oil painting "en plein air" a French expression meaning "in the open air". The impressionists painted outdoors to get the best light that danced its way into the vibrant colours on their canvasses. it got me thinking about God's brush strokes in our lives especially with regards to prophecy. We often want artists to take a photo with their paint brush, but then we eliminate the artist's impression and the creative mark. Every painting needs a support, a canvas needs wooden stretchers and needs to be nailed, or stapled to it. Our Canvas lives are stapled to the cross. The easel supports the canvas, we all need the support of a local church. The canvas needs to be primed and the surface should be rough enough to hold the paint. if our lives are too smooth, the brush strokes of the Master won't stick. Like the process of painting brush stroke by stroke and slowly building up an image, so we learn line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little -  and we all prophesy in part. When we all do our share our collective artworks are completed and God can exhibit us, or keep us for His private use. Here is my Impression of The Island, the green area surrounds the natural "Jacuzzi."

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  1. Lovely painting, glad to see you had time to express this art form of your life we all love to see.
    The words ...... they go deep, thank you for the gracious and gentle reminder, as I said, it's cut deep.
    Bless you in the work the Lord is doing through you and your family and your team of laborours.


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