Saturday, 31 May 2014

Study Methods for Kids

Every time we take God's presence to Schools, we focus on something different. This time we spoke to them about the value of using study methods in conjunction with the Holy Spirit.
We have been ministering in De Grendel since 1995 - that's 20 years of input.
However we have also recognized the important role of local teachers as the sustainable components of any school ministry. Every 3 years there is a turnover of kids, so that the only way to really build something lasting is through relating to the needs and requests of the teacher in charge of spirituality. Thankfully we have had good favor and been allowed to minister to the children over the years.
MBC 2014 is a good team of students from different nations - a real league of nations spiritually!
With the help of outreach veterans Marco Meyer and Arthur Eiseb it is easy to martial the troops and set up a full sound and music rig ready to unleash the power of prophetic praise and worship.
Teacher Chantal Pelser led the worship and taught the kids "Highest Praises" and the "Great Harvest" songs with Arthur getting the kids to follow him in the dance.
We toned things down and played relaxing music for the kids as well and showed them how to focus their attention on God with relevance to study methods.
I taught about Mind Maps and Acronyms. We had them memorizing the attributes of love form 1 Corinthians 13!
The most helpful study companion is the Holy Spirit and I shared my testimony.  I was a missionary's son going to Australia as an Afrikaans speaking boy. I used to come home crying not understanding the Australians! One day my Dad told me to read the Bible in English out loud every morning because we had been taught that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Then I had to pray in tongues for a minute or two so that the Holy Spirit would help me understand the mystery!

Within that year the teachers advanced me to year 2 and I ended up 1st in year two at the Christian School in Brisbane. Praise God!
Having shared that with the pupils of De Grendel High, we emphasized the need to pray before studying and writing exams and appealed to them to respond to God. the MBC students prayed for a whole group of kids till the bell rang. Some were filled with the Holy Spirit and will access that level of spiritual help - others indicated a desire to come to Bible College in 2015. Some boys jeered when the first boy came forward for prayer, but as is the case with schools ministry, later the kids come and talk to you as you pack up. One boy asked me for drum lessons during break time! I suppose a workshop with peanut butter sandwiches and Milo would not be a bad idea! I'm in! We will have to raise support for their drum orbit in the school but I'm sure we can do it.
I thank the Lord for a valuable team that helps Chantal and I to fulfill that commission to Take God's Presence to the Schools. If you would like us to visit your school all we need is an invitation. There are costs involved but we do not charge for this type of work, any donations help us continue to bring in the great harvest at schools. Grace and peace.

Apostle Aje Pelser
Chantal leads the Kids in Worship

The girls enjoy the music

Boys considering study methods...

MBC Students engage with those who responded afterwards

How Mind Maps Work!

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