Saturday, 8 November 2014

Aje blogs live from Prisoners Dress rehearsal

Apostle Leigh and I had to decide last moment whether or not we are going to live stream the event - the jailbreak of the century. Security is high and tension is mounting and the jailor - played by Rudi Faurie - has obtained a realistic Beretta 9mm pistol, a great replica, that needs to be wrenched from his stuntman grip later on.
Jailor (Rudi Faurie) arrests Silas (Hilton Pelser)

Prophet Lynette Collins is celebrating her birthday on stage today. We have all benefitted from her warm ups that have helped me to keep up with some new choreography for the Prisoners Production 2014.
Our camera crew is made up of teenagers trained in our Pelser Media Video Production Course this year, and their energy and ideas are an inspiration to me. They have already started setting up shots that we have never captured before.
Apostle Andre Pelser wrote and produced the musical in the early 80's while in Australia. Many souls have been saved and set free and we believe that God will confirm his word again tonight with signs and wonders, just as He said He would in His Word.
Time to get started with dress rehearsals. See you tonight at Bellville North Primary or tune into Live Streaming courtesy of Teacher Neil Lombard.
It is great to work with apostolic people, well done cast and crew!
"Jesus is Lord!" finale!

Paul (Aje Pelser) wakes up form his vision of the Macedonian call. 

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