Saturday, 29 November 2014

Art of a Missionary & Son Auction

Before we knew it, we were holding art exhibitions together, Dad and I, for the last few Missionary Art Auctions in aid of global missions.
So why not reach the rest of the nations of the world in one lifetime? After reaching a 100 nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have started to realize what my job is - to follow up the nations reached and go and build those spiritual cities with resources, support and new Godly Church structures. In order to reform the land, we first need to reform the church. In many African countries for instance, we often see a large majority of people serving God at church, yet the country is steeped in corruption and men build equally distorted church kingdoms behaving like chiefs with their congregations. There are of course many wonderful churches too that resemble Christ in a many membered body, but that is as rare as a road in Africa. When I asked apostle Andre in his capacity as a pioneer in African missions, what Africa really needed - he said two things that I will endeavour to implement: Africa needs fathers. Secondly, Africa needs accurate Bible Schools.
In many of the nations we reach through the help of partners and more recently, these Missionary Auctions, we help to establish Miracle Bible College Satellites along with solid Churches that are accountable within a growing confederation of churches. Our next mission to Asia we aim to reach the new contacts and churches of the Philippines from where we can base new missions in the region.
WHen Vasco Da Gama broke new records at sea - 95 days at a time with his carrack ships, he also helped to establish half way stations for the Arab Spice route from the East back to Europe. This set up Portugal as a World Power after his historic 1497/8 trip around the cape - one of my oil paintings today commemorate that voyage of discovery.
Voyages of Discovery - Vasco Da Gama around the Cape 1497, oil on canvas by Aje Pelser
Apostle Andre is a pioneer, preacher, painter and a patriarch for me. The one thing I learn the most from him in our mentor sessions is perspective. That is probably the mark of his art as well - he sees the value of a scene or a character in a split second and quickly sketches a likeness that recaptures the emotion and inner values of the moment. The street vendour at Kuala Lumpur is a good example of the overcrowded market with deliciously fresh vegetables and fruit in a makeshift structure of an new world city worth exploring. His view on the East is positive and he sees much potential there for future missions to countries where 90% of the people remain unreached with the Gospel.
But our love for the major cities of the world is still clear - New York, Paris and even our beloved Cape Town - 'Loop Street'.
We thank our Church members from the Durbanville area and the local library that has opened up a venue for today! Commissioned to Go! Commanded to Love!
From John Lennon to the Samaritan - works by Andre Pelser

Top left and right: Kuala Lumpur and New York Skylines juxtaposed with brilliant colouring - some cool combinations of Andre's missionary water colours here. Below - somewhere in France? and beautiful African scenes from Ethiopia

These three busses were sold as a family! Congratulations to the happy new owner of a fleet of African buses. Order your African bus fleet form and Apostle Andre will paint them for you!

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